Honeywell Security & Fire (HSF) innovates to protect and save lives worldwide every day. It is a top-performing business in Honeywell and a global leader in many growing industries, including commercial fire systems and public address & voice alarm systems.

Its quality products, integrated system solutions, and services make life safer, more comfortable, more secure, and more productive in every corner of the world. It operates through established network of independent, authorized and highly trained distributors, system integrators and installers in India and other countries of South Asia. Each of Honeywell Fire Safety Systems brand brings unique features and benefits to meet every application. One can find leading-edge HSF technology in the products, software, and solutions all around, including at, airports, hotels, healthcare institutions, business centers, stadiums, industries, and schools etc. HSF portfolio includes world’s leading brands like, System Senor, Notifier, Esser, Morley-IAS, Fire-Lite Alarms and KAC. HSF product range consists of Fire Detection, Alarm Display Systems, PA/VA, Fire Fighter’s Telephone, Digital Display Devices, Sensors & Modules, Aspiration Systems, LHS Cables etc.

 Honeywell Fire Safety Systems products conform to international standards, installation guidelines and approval like UL, EN54, FM, VdS, BS, NFPA, LPCB etc. HSF is the one of the leading manufacturers with a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility of sensor and modules in India. Its state-of-the-art training center in Gurgaon, Pune and Bangalore are best in class and offers hands on training and certification courses to engineers and technicians on all our products and systems related to fire and PAVA. HSF aggressively funds discovery of innovative technology based on customers’ insights and active work with governments to understand emerging trends and regulatory requirements.

Market-leading innovations with an active pipeline, flawless product quality, well-executed delivery, relentless focus on serving customers, and thoughtful cost control all contribute to the success and growth of Honeywell Security & Fire.