Founded in 1889 by Sydney Evershed and Ernest Vignoles, Megger Group Limited is a company that manufactures electronic test equipment and measuring instruments for electrical power applications which includes Megger Testers, Megger MFT1730, Megger MFT1730, Megger Multimeter, Megger PAT series testers . 

The company is known for their original electrical insulation testers, and supply products related to the following areas: cable fault locating, earth/ground testing, low resistance measuring, power quality, electrical wiring, insulation testers, multimeters, portable appliance testers, clamp-on meters, current transformers, etc. Megger Group has manufacturing sites and sales centers in several countries worldwide.

The main production sites are in: Dover, Dallas, Valley Forge and Danderyd. There are total of 15 sales and technical support offices in the USA, Canada, Dover, Paris, Mumbai, Sydney, and Bahrain.

The Group has over 1000 Megger distributors' points in 132 countries. Megger Group Limited has approximately more than 1350 employees serving to give their best services to their clients situated in the whole world.