PV Lumens has implemented COVID mitigation processes across all locations

As the entire world is fighting against the global pandemic, so we are. The safety of PV Lumens family including our employees, customers and associates is our topmost priority.

PV Lumens abides by the guidelines and best practices recommended by the Health Ministry of India for maintaining workplace safety. These directives have been implemented at all our offices and warehouses.  

  • Minimal functioning of staff from office with Work From Home (WFH) enablement

  • Virtual functioning in terms of webinars, online meetings etc.

  • Restricting visitor access

  • Mandatory temperature check of all the employees working from offices while maintaining strict social distancing

  • Regular sanitization of offices and warehouse followed by deep sanitization every month

We are working very hard to maintain our business standards and avoid disruption due to the pandemic. We are regularly evaluating the local market scenario for efficiently service our customers.

We are taking utmost care to maintain business continuity along with minimizing the risk of COVID infection and are determined to serving our customers even in these challenging times.