Panduit -PUL6AM04BU-CEG -Copper cable
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Cat 6A Advanced MaTriX 4-pair 23 AWG copper cable, U/UTP, LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen, IEC60332-1 and 60332-3) Rated, Blue, Euro pallet, 1000ft/305m

- Best-in-class cable diameter delivers superior PSANEXT and PSAACRF suppression
- Compatible with components of the TX6A-SD™ 10Gig™ UTP Copper Cabling
- System with MaTriX Technology (70 meter solution) for increased design flexibility
- Provides the highest margins above the industry standard for both electrical and alien crosstalk performance
- Improves fill capacity, cable management, reduces required bend radius and allows efficient use of pathways and spaces
- All testing and headroom based on 48-port/1RU panels
- Easy identification of remaining cable to reduce installation time and cable scrap

Electrical Specifications
- Cable diameter: PE Riser (CMR)/PVC (CM): 7.2mm (.285 in.) nominal
- HDPE (LSZH): 7.1mm (.280 in.) nominal
- EuroClass Cca/B2ca: 7.8mm (0.307 in.) nominal
- Conductors/insulators: 23 AWG solid copper insulated with flame retardant PE (CMR) or HDPE (LSZH)
- Installation tension:25 lbf (110 N) maximum
- Cable jacket:PE Riser (CMR) Low smoke flame retardant PVC HDPE (LSZH)
- PVC (CM): Flame retardant PVC

General Specifications
- Category 6A/Class EA cable shall be constructed of 23 AWG copper conductors with PE Riser (CMR),
HDPE Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) or PVC (CM) insulation
- The copper conductors shall be twisted in pairs and separated by a cross-divider
- All four pairs shall be surrounded by advanced MaTriX tape and a flame retardant jacket
- The advanced MaTriX tape shall suppress the effect of alien crosstalk allowing 10 Gb/s transmission, while minimizing cable diameter
- The innovative cable design shall provide installation flexibility as cables can be routed in tight bundles through pathways and spaces

25 Years Performance warranty