Validating Your Wireless Design with a Wi-Fi Site Survey
Friday, July 30, 2021
Simply explained, Wi-Fi Design Validation process is the review of the network design to ensure it works how it’s supposed to in the real world. 
The Validation phase sits between Design and Optimize phase of the Wi-Fi Lifecycle. It is used, firstly to compare the simulated predictive design choices with the live environment, and then to verify that the changes or additions to the design perform as expected. 
Today, conducting a Wi-Fi site survey is easier and faster than ever before—which not only makes it easier to validate the network, but also allows businesses to conduct more frequent surveys to ensure optimal performance of their networks. 
For the network owner responsible for the Wi-Fi reliability and performance, having the right tools and knowing what to look for is fundamental for deploying and maintaining today’s business-critical wireless networks. 
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