Honeywell Scan Engines Help Make Contactless Environments Possible
Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Today almost every industry is experiencing a rise in contactless applications. One of the fastest-growing applications is contactless payment. Since January 2020 contactless payment have increased 69%. Contactless platforms are a combination of applications, tools, and solutions designed to help businesses, consumers, and patrons operate without physical contact.  They are usually found in public places like airports, grocery stores, malls, and sports venues. These areas tend to be heavily populated and are a perfect application for self-service, contactless solutions.

OEM Scan Engines or Scan Modules are small scanners that are easily embedded/integrated into equipment such as medical devices, lab instrumentation, equipment, access control, kiosks, robotic systems, and other customer-facing applications. Please click on the below link to know more about Honeywell’s Scan Engines in Contactless environment.

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